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Thank you for visiting my web page. You came here for a reason. Whether it's just to check me out, maybe sign up to volunteer or to donate to the middle class guy that wants to make a difference. Thank you,  I am glad you are here.

Often times the question of the day is ; Do you know what your up against Earl ? I believe that I do.  I am not rich. I do not have a big money machine behind me or a recognizable name. What I do have are many great friends that encourage and support my thoughts and ideals. So much support they have pushed me to get those thoughts and ideals to the public and put them to good use. 

Like me they are tired of seeing the same old thing going on in Lansing and they believe someone from the middle class is what Michigan needs.

I have been traveling Michigan visiting counties and cities across the state from Royal Oak to West Branch,Newberry, Kalkaska all the way to Mackinac. So far, i have received nothing but positive responses and increased support. It is important for me to gather first hand knowledge of what the people of every city are dealing with, not just my own. The leaders of our great state need this information to make informed decisions for our economy.  As you will see here, I do not propose to dismantle the systems already in place as Michigan continues to improve in many areas of our economy. What I have are suggestions to improve and increase the progression.

Please join me as the middle class candidate and the Republican party to "Keep Michigan Moving Forward".

Committee to Elect Earl Lackie
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